I said, "I would love to do that, be a part of that!!!!, count me in. I had lived on the Queen Charlotte Islands from 1975 -1980 and was looking forward to visiting a place that was reminiscent of the Charlottes without having to travel as far. 


"The next thing I knew your honor, as they say "is history". Here I am on my way to Saskatoon now to do exactly that. I'm pumped and ready to Rock. 

Today I get to meet with Zane Hrynewich in the flesh and his wife Velda for the first time. We are going out to dinner later after I get settled in my most awesome hotel. 

I received an email from Zane a few weeks ago saying we would be driving for about 7 hours the day after I land in Saskatoon leaving around 7am, to head up to Missinipe and there "could" be many detours along the way as a result of flooding. 

Also, we'd be traveling the last 80 miles of that day down a logging road (dirt/gravel) and possibly staying overnight In Missinipe depending on the weather of course and onto a float plane of some sort into Forest House, were going to have to portage in after the plane landed as we had over 200 lbs of just his recording gear, not including my insignificant 20lb bag of clothing and overnight bag (Ahem). I was wondering how this was all gonna unfold. 

I started giggling to myself … "what the hell have I gotten myself into" 

They say, you get what you wish for and I couldn't have picked a better person to work with on a project than Zane Hrynewich. 

I feel quite fortunate to have met a musical kindred spirit In Zane and his wife Velda who both happen to have a great sense of humor. I have pictures to prove it 

I will tell you more as Zane gets the site up a running like a purring kitten. 

Oh Yes .... and there will be video coming as well!!! ~ (*∫*) ~