Over the past year Zane has been working on various tracks for the Naomi Project. Naomi's Wave is the most important tune on the project for obvious reasons. Collectively, the songs are a mix of Blues, R&B, Pop, Adult Contemporary, Jazz. 
I find it liberating as a singer songwriter to be working on project where there are no walls to speak of to hold one in. Where everything is possible, every idea is considered. It's very exciting indeed. 
All of the music has been created by Zane which has been developed over a period of the past year and a half. Zane built layers upon layers of piano, bass, drums, strings, orchestral parts etc. He sent them to me, to see what I could come up with melodically & lyrically.
I had just written three tunes the week before I was to head out on my most awesome adventure at Forest House.
To my surprise, the first song I had written called "Ashes to Ashes", fit perfectly into a track he had uploaded to a site we were sharing for work purposes. I recorded a wee snippet of it in Garageband and uploaded it to Zane to see what he thought. 
"Goodbye" was another musical idea Zane had titled and uploaded for me to listen too, which had minimal instrumentation. I found it haunting. It was just beautiful, so I began to type and write the lyrics in Garageband, while singing along with the track. Believe me when I tell you this, it doesn't happen very often ... I was so inspired by the track the words kept flowing out of me.
That evening I uploaded both Ashes To Ashes & Goodbye for Zane's perusal.

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