Zane Hrynewich

Zane Hrynewich
Zane Hrynewich lives in Saskatoon, Sk, with his wife, Velda, where he teaches piano in his home studio. Zane has also been involved in Internet Website Concept Design and Graphics since 1995, through his company, CyberSlang Consulting. Zane met Ric Driediger, owner of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters when he re-designed C.R.C.O.'s website. The two immediately hit it off.

In 2009, Zane and his wife, Velda traveled to Forest House as "test guests", when Ric, along with a group of partners purchased the eco-lodge. Zane gathered photographic and textual content to design a new website for Forest House.

Also in 2009, Zane started CanIndie, a website dedicated to promoting Canadian Independent Recording Artists. In addition, he started assembling the equipment to build a small, efficient digital recording studio. His inaugural recording projects included a collection of pieces entitled "Forest House Suite". All songs detailed experiences he and V elda had shared during their trip.

When Zane heard Naomi Heffler's story, he was moved and inspred by it. He had never met Naomi, but understood what a wonderful young lady she had to have been, based on the emotion and respect in Ric Driediger's voice as he detailed her story.

Zane and Velda returned to Forest House in 2012, and at the conclusion of this visit a conversation with Ric turned to the possibility of a musical project at Forest House. Thus, the Naomi Project was born.


August 26 - One Year Later - Not a Good Year!

One Year ago today, Sue Leonard and I travelled for over five hours, from Saskatoon, to Missinipe, in a Chevy Equinox, "loaded to the hilt" with recording equipment. Upon arriving at Missinipe, we loaded it all on a plane, unloaded it all 80km northeast of Missinipe, carried it over a portage, and canoed it to Forest House. Here, we recorded four songs in four days. We then packed everything up, packed/canoed/flew it all back to Missinipe, and hauled it all back to Saskatoon.
In my mind, the aforementioned was the hard part - the next part should have been easy - to mix and master our songs.
In the last year, our four little tracks have been in the hands of two engineers..... both have not been able to complete mixes on them...... one left due to family commitments..... the other, as a result of an almost terminal illness. Needless to say, we are very grateful both are now doing well. Sadly, Naomi's Wave has suffered.
One year later, I have this to report...... I have now appointed myself as engineer/producer/masterer for the Naomi Project...... this is my promise...... Four tracks recorded at Forest House, in honour of Naomi Grace Heffler will be mixed and completed this year!
I started today - It may take a little time, but, I have vowed this...... Only the "Grim Reaper" will keep me from completing our homage to Naomi, one AMAZING woman!

October 3/013 - Mixing Starts

Started preparing and sending audio files to my bro,  Orest in Toronto for the mixing process to begin. He's using Logic and I'm using Pro Tools. I've never exported to Logic before - unless I'm doing something incorrectly, it is a very tedious process.
Anyway........ Sue and I are THRILLED!!!!! - the first two mixes are sounding great!

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Sept.09/013 - Brotherly Love Pays Off!!!!!

Sue and I returned from Forest House with four songs ready to be tweaked, mixed and mastered, but we still had a number of issues to deal with. The tweaking part was easy - I could do that. As for the mixing, mastering and any further production, I felt much too close to the project to undertake these. I had already spent countless hours recording the music beds, re-arranging some of the songs, and working with Sue as she laid down the vocals.

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Back in Saskatoon

Sue and I arrived back in Saskatoon early in the evening on September 2. She wasn't leaving to go back to Hamilton until September 4, so we had a couple of days to discuss our music, and to make further plans to complete the project.

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