August 27 - Down to Work

I woke up early to a simply magnificent warm and sunny day. Theresa prepared a hearty, delicious breakfast for all of us, a perfect start to our first day of recording.
Unfortunately, Ric and Theresa would be leaving us today. The original plan was  for Sue and I to be at Forest House with co-owners Greg and Joanne Zinter, from Edmonton Alberta acting as our hosts. Unforeseen problems had delayed their arrival for a couple of days. Ric and Theresa came in to prepare for us and had to return to Missinipe. Dan and Nick would see to our needs until the arrival of Joanne and Greg.
We had come to Forest House with six tracks for which I wrote and recorded the music in advance. Over the winter months, when Sue and I began planning for this trip, we realized it would be very difficult to show up at Forest House with nothing prepared and attempt to write together "off the cuff". There were so many logistical variables and possible unforeseen glitches to encounter, that we felt it best to come prepared. Over the winter/spring/early summer, I sent Sue tracks for her approval and input.
Sue and I started off by working on a track called "Goodbye". She had previously penned some deep lyrics for it. As she ran over her vocal ideas for the first time, a little shiver ran down my spine. It was clear - this was going to be a fantastic experience!
We worked away the morning, stopped for lunch and a little rest. I took some time, grabbed my cameras and took a short walk in the forest looking for teeny tiny subjects to shoot with my macro lens. This year (I had been to Forest House twice previously), it had been so dry that I had to search very hard for the exotic wild flowers, fungi, and myriad of mushroom species  I had found so easily in past visits.
The rest of the afternoon was spent laying down more vocals and background vocals for "Goodbye". Our chef, Dan Driediger, prepared a delightful Cedar-Planked Lake Trout for us. After supper, we took a little time to relax, and then went back to work, starting to map out a plan for our next track, "Ashes to Ashes", and continuing to tweak "Goodbye".
It had been an extremely productive and fruitful day! Sue was simply unreal to work with. We missed Ric and Theresa, but Dan and Nick were excellent stand-ins. Sleep came easily this night.