August 28 - Another Productive Day

I am an early riser, usually the first out of bed, and this was no exception on this gorgeous Wednesday morning. As soon as I started stomping around in the main lodge, Dan appeared and began brewing some coffee. Soon, the four of us had gathered around the dining table, having a little breakfast, chatting and laughing.
Sue and I began our musical day by working on "Ashes to Ashes", a semi-funky, riff-based tune with tons of percussion throughout.
Sue had written the lyrics for "Ashes to Ashes" previously to hearing my track - the cool thing was when she heard my track, she decided to try out these lyrics over it. Amazingly, to us, it seemed like a perfect fit. I had to spend a little time modifying the form and flow of the track, which I didn't mind, because when the time came. Sue closed her eyes and belted out amazing vocals. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The boys prepared a light lunch, after which it was time to begin background vocals for "Ashes to Ashes" and making further modifications to "Goodbye". We were putting in long hours. When we weren't recording, I would be dealing with arranging and re-arranging bed tracks, while Sue was continuously writing and tweaking lyrics.
That evening, Nick Bergen prepared a light curry for us, after which, Sue and I went back to work. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Nick that evening. Greg and Joanne Zinter had been on the road all day from Edmonton and would be waiting at McLennan Lake for Dan and Nick to begin the final stage of their journey to meet us at Forest House. Dan would be returning with them, but Nick would be returning to Missinipe. Nick is a really cool, driven, hard-working, humorous, and intelligent young man. Both Sue and I appreciated being given the opportunity to spend some time with him.
The boys set out to make the five portage trip to McLennan Lake in the early evening. The sun had already begun to set as they walked off down the trail. Sue and I just kept layering more and more vocal harmonies over the main melody of "Ashes to Ashes". Time flew by and soon it was almost 10:30 pm. I stepped out onto the deck to see glimpses of small lights flickering through the forest. Soon, Dan Driediger, Greg and Joanne Zinter, and surprise guest Harrison Davey came trudging up the path to the lodge.
It had been a long day for us and an even longer day for them..... the perfect time to enjoy a nightcap and preview what we had accomplished with our music that day.
Time for bed, and to dream about tomorrow would bring.