August 29 - New Friends, More Surprises

This now our fourth day at Forest House. We awoke to yet another set of new faces gathered in the lodge. Our new hosts, Greg and Joanne Zinter had arrived very late the day before, bringing with them our old pal, Dan Driediger, and another new face (for us), his friend, Harrison Davey. There is always that tiny bit of uncertainty and "clumsy" conversation when getting to know new people. In our case, it lasted for mere seconds. Soon, we were enjoying an awesome breakfast prepared by Greg and Joanne.
Harrison and Dan would be leaving to go back to Missinipe later in the day, leaving Greg, Joanne, Sue and I.
Today, I had a massive job ahead of me - to change the tempo of "Naomi's Wave", our song dedicated to the Naomi Heffler's energy, love of nature and fervor for life by sixteen beats per minute. This song contains at last count, close to 50 tracks, each having to be altered individually. To further complicate matters, my lap top was utilizing so many resources, that I couldn't automate the process. I plugged away at this for a good six hours, foregoing any hiking and photography possibilities for the day.
We started working on Naomi's Wave late that afternoon. In this song, we were trying to capture what we felt is the essence of Naomi - her sense of oneness with Mother Nature.... her love of surfing that wave at Corner Rapids..... her joy at being in the wilderness. We had already modified the main bed track to make the song "float" a little more. After much discussion and experimentation, Sue and I agreed the vocals weren't working the way we wanted. Sue began to completely re-write all the lyrics.
That evening, after supper, we took a break from our efforts on Naomi's Wave and recorded some vocal "scratch" tracks for "This Night", a quiet, relaxed piece featuring voice and piano. Then, it was bedtime.