August 30 - Some Minor Frustrations & Allot of Noise

Our fifth day at Forest House began with another delicious breakfast, some good conversation and optimism that "Naomi's Wave" would come together for us today.
To Sue and I, "Naomi's Wave" was definitely the biggest challenge of the entire project. It meant the most to us, because it was about Naomi. Neither of us knew her, but in my visits to the north, I had met many women who shared her spirit, independence, and love for everything outdoors. Over the winter, I had spent much time discussing Naomi, her wave, what an amazing young lady she was, and the sensations I wanted to convey in the song with Sue. We both heard what we wanted to create in our heads, and it was starting to take form, but very slowly..... not remotely as easily as "Goodbye" and "Ashes to Ashes".
We attacked "Naomi's Wave" with as much musical resolve as we could muster. Things were progressing well and we had a great morning. Just before lunch,  I looked out of our "studio" window to see Ric Driediger's niece, Kathy and her husband, Danny paddling up to the shore. More new faces to meet and friends to make!
Kathy and Danny live in Saskatoon, but I had never met them before. They are a really nice couple of kids (Old Bald Fart Guy talk), and were great to get to know. The duo were in Missinipe, and decided to make the paddle our to Forest House to see it. We stopped recording, for lunch.
The day was going well!..... until..... the "afternoon from 'you know where'!"
The goal was to finish the majority of the vocals for "Naomi's Wave" that afternoon. We were so pumped to get it done, so certain that after our fantastic morning we would accomplish this goal...... then, came a sudden deluge of strange noises creeping into the vocal tracks - little clicks and pops - a variety of other background noises - doors closing? people walking? - we couldn't tell. All we knew is when we listened back to a take, we had noise.
Everyone at Forest House was making a concerted effort to be very quiet while we were recording. These noises hadn't appeared on previous days, but this particular afternoon, they just kept happening. Sue sang take after take - we listened back - noise, noise and more noise! I checked and double-checked the equipment, chords, connections - noise again! Sue kept singing. I kept checking, but soon it was plain - frustration was definitely setting in and it had started to rear its ugly head in the music we were making. Sue looked completely haggard and defeated. It was time to put "Naomi's Wave" to bed for yet another day.
We stopped, relaxed, had another fantastic dinner prepared by Joanne and Greg, gave everything an hour or two to digest, dimmed the lights and recorded a couple of takes of our very simple, sensitive song called "This Night". Joanne, Greg, Danny and Kathy sat across the lodge from us in the living room, sipping wine and listening. The mystery noises has disappeared. The evening went much, much better than the afternoon had. Life was once again, GREAT!