August 31 - Simply Awesome Day!

Day Six - already! After finishing off last night with some great singing from Sue, and getting some long, deep sleep, we awoke to another beautiful day. Both Sue and I were much more relaxed and centered. The entire entourage had yet another gourmet breakfast (we most certainly were getting spoiled!). Danny and Kathy were preparing to return to Missinipe this morning, but not before I followed them around, snapping "candid" shots of the lovebirds on the deck, by the garden, in the workshop, in the funkiest outdoor bippy in the world, and licking insects. The experience raised our spirits evem more.
After saying goodbye to Danny and Kathy, Sue and I hit the "studio". Productivity was rampant! Sue laid down several tracks for "Naomi's Wave", including layers of background vocals, we re-visited "Goodbye" and "This Night", and soon it was getting to be supper time. We were tired and slightly burned out, but it was a very good tired!
As Greg and Joanne prepared supper, Sue and I began writing lyrics for another song idea, "Livin' Without FaceBook". The idea was to add the vocals starting tonight, finishing tomorrow, our last day here. It was soon evident the creativity switch had been turned off. We had traveled several hundred miles and spent ten to twelve hours a day recording six days straight. We were very satisfied with the four songs we had finished. We concurred there was no point attempting to force the issue in the interest of quantity. The decision was made to relax that night use our seventh day to explore the trails around Forest House, relax and begin packing up the equipment.
The evening was calm and clear, with a blanket of starts so close, you could almost reach up and touch them. The four of us sat outside, down by the lake, taking in the spectacular show Mother Nature had arranged for us.