September 1 - Re-charging the Batteries

Our seventh day started, as usual, with a great breakfast with Joanne and Greg. I was awake very early and by the time everyone sauntered into the lodge, I had already broken down and packed up a large portion of the recording equipment.
Shortly after we finished eating, Sue and I decided to take a hike around the lake. Our first stop, however, was the "Coolest Outdoor Bippy in the World", just up the hill, to take some shots of each other in candid poses on the can.
Because we were so busy recording, I had missed a couple of days of hiking. A day or two earlier, it had rained gently, for a little while. That tiny bit of moisture had regenerated the forest floor and we didn't have to travel far before we discovered new mushroom and fungi growth nestled  within the soft moss. Sue would scout ahead and identify potential subjects, while I crawled on my belly behind her snapping away.
The morning soon passed and we returned to the lodge for lunch. It was a lazy kind of afternoon. I packed up more equipment, Greg puttered around the grounds taking care of some chores, Joanne read on the deck, and Sue disappeared for a teeny nap. Later that afternoon, I took one last opportunity to walk and take pictures on the trails around Forest House.
The evening was calm, the lake like glass, and the temperature warm and balmy. The Zinters suggested we dine at the picnic table on the shoreline next to the lake, a great way to enjoy our last supper at Forest House - a great meal, with new friends in a beautiful location.