September 2 - Going Home

It was a bittersweet day. I had been away from my wife and family for a week and even though I missed them dearly, it was still going to be a little tough leaving Forest House.
The plane was scheduled to meet us at the dock at Hutchings Lake at 10:30 am. It was up to Greg, Joanne, Sue and myself to get the gear down to the shoreline, canoe it down the lake and start carrying across the short portage to Hutchings Lake. Greg would canoe the gear across - he made one solo trip and took Joanne with him on the second. Sue and I would walk the trail from the lodge to the portage. On the trail, we heard the Turbo Otter circle and land. When we arrived at the portage, we were greeted by Theresa and Dan Driediger, who had flown in to spend  some time at Forest House themselves. We loaded the plane, said our goodbyes and took off for Missinipe.
Ric Driediger met us at the dock and after unloading the plane, we made our way to the C.R.C.O. office to listen to the rough mixes of the four songs we had recorded. Sue and I were (and are) very proud of what we accomplished, Greg, Joanne, and Ric seemed very pleased with our efforts, which meant allot to us. Ric was thrilled with "Naomi's Wave", the reason for this entire project. That was awesome!
Sue and I had a long trip ahead of us, so we reluctantly parted ways with our friends and drove off towards Saskatoon. On the way home, we had ample time to discuss the fantastic time we had, the way we gelled together musically, just how wonderfully we were treated, and the fine people we had the pleasure of spending the seven days of the Naomi Project together with.