The Food

The best way to describe the food we were served during our stay at Forest House is simply YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! No wieners and beans for us! The Forest House folks made certain Sue and I didn't have to worry about feeding ourselves, allowing us to focus our efforts on the music. I know I can speak for Sue when I say "We appreciate it!!".
There was Theresa Driediger's grilled smoked chicken and Dan Driediger's grilled lake trout. When Joanne and Greg Zinter took over kitchen duties, the parade of scrumptious dishes continued. There were fresh beets, carrots, beans and more from the Forest House gardens (amazing to have such great fresh vegetables grown in the middle of the Boreal forest - 37 years of composting paid off); light, fluffy soufflé-like omelets; pesto with green beans and chopped potato over rotini; brocconini, tomato, basil, with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic; exotic Turkish dishes; Tabbouleh, marinated grilled Quayle; simply amazing meals every day!
My wife, Velda, was so jealous when I described the Forest House meals, I had to take her out for supper every night for a week to make up for it.