A BIG Scare!

Went to the dentist a few weeks ago for a routine filling. Walked in happy and positive. Came out stressed and shocked. My dentist, (very good, but young enough to be my daughter's daughter), started poking around in my mouth in a completely different place than where the filling was, muttered something to her assistant, and then laid this on me.
"I don't mean to alarm you, but I think you may have oral cancer".
WOW! One worries about lung cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer....... but oral cancer?
Had to go for a biopsy. The oral surgeon tried to reassure me that what he saw didn't look bad, but you still worry, you still fret, and you are much more aware of your mortality.
Waited and waited and waited for my biopsy results - this caused me to worry even more - they were very slow in coming. Finally, one day, the phone rang. It was the oral surgeon.
"Dude, so sorry! We misplaced your results. Just found them today! You're clean! They're negative!"
My Forest House plans could have been affected by a little tiny bump in my mouth. Thank God they weren't!