Boggle the Mind

The Naomi Project is many months away, but I'm already beginning to lay awake at night, mulling over the many logistical problems we need to overcome before this project can become reality.
Following are some of the things which have begun to keep my mind swimming, when I should be sleeping:
  • Packing - we have a ton of gear which needs to ultimately end up about 700km north of my home in Saskatoon, at Forest House. Due to the nature of my Internet work, I have to be a PC guy. The tower which now drives my recording studio is a massive Alienware, factory over clocked, liquid-cooled monstrosity weighing close to 100 pounds. How in the world are we going to protect and portage that thing? I also don't think we'll have the room or the manpower to be able to take in my full-size piano keyboard. Need to buy a smaller, but functional smaller one. Have started making and refining a packing list.
  • Travel Scenarios - Driving from Saskatoon to Missinipe is a given. Getting from Missinipe to Forest House is another matter. Ric and I have talked about the possibility of flying. If we do so, the amount of gear we can take will depend on what kind of plane is available. The lake Forest House sits on is much too small to land a plane on. We'll have to land next door on Hutchings Lake, portage the gear over to the Forest House lake, and canoe it about 3/4 mile to where the lodge is located. If we don't fly in, our only other option would be to go in by boat and carry everything over the 5 portages. We did this on our last trip to Forest House. Carried in gear for four people for three days. It was hard work. A pile of recording gear could be a real challenge.
  • Weather - "waterproof cases" are the operative words here. With the potential of torrential downpours while we're loading, portaging, canoeing, etc. protecting the equipment is paramount. I'm going to have to identify exactly the amount of gear we're taking VERY SOON, so I can figure out how many and where I'm going to get the cases I need.
  • Plan A, Plan B, Plan C? - How many plans do we need? - we have a week to get the gear into Forest House, set up, record, rip down, and get out. Everything depends upon the weather. Flying could be easily affected either going in or coming out by the weather. Storms, or days of stormy, socked-in, windy conditions are a distinct possibility. We have to be prepared to go by boat and portage.
  • Does Sue Understand? - I have explained to Sue about my "visions of doom, worse case scenarios" theories, because I don't want her to be surprised if we do encounter any of these problems. I have spent enough time in the north to understand you have to be prepared. Sue doesn't seem to be too worried when I mention these things to her. I hope she understands what we might be facing.
I think I'm going to have many more sleepless nights.