Back in Saskatoon

Sue and I arrived back in Saskatoon early in the evening on September 2. She wasn't leaving to go back to Hamilton until September 4, so we had a couple of days to discuss our music, and to make further plans to complete the project.
We had completed the music and vocals for four tracks:
  • "Naomi's Wave" - Written specifically for and about Naomi Heffler. This song was by far the most complicated and challenging for us - over 60 tracks of music and vocals. Through this music, we attempted to capture the free spirit of Naomi, her oneness with Mother Nature, and the freedom she must have experienced as she surfed "Naomi's Wave". We sincerely hope we succeeded.
  • "Goodbye" - When I sent Sue the music track for this song, she said she was immediately inspired and began typing the lyrics just as soon as she heard the first few bars. Sue had been going through some relationship changes and I think her inspired lyrics and haunting melody helped to provide a certain amount of closure for her.
  • "Ashes to Ashes" - This one is funky, with a ton of percussion and a driving bass line. Sue wrote some pretty powerful lyrics and delivers them with a masterful sense of soul and passion.
  • "This Night" - Simple, just piano and voice. All about falling in love under a star-lit sky.

What's Next

The next step is mixing and mastering our tracks. Since we have no budget, our only option is to find an engineer who believes in the project as deeply as we do. We have had some preliminary discussions with a few people and are confident mixing will begin shortly.

Thank You!

I know we still have a long way to go until the "Naomi Project" is complete, but at this point I would like to express my sincere thanks to the following people, who all went that "extra mile" to make what we have accomplished so far a reality.
  • Sue Leonard for being such a nice person, so easy to get along with, such a fantastic musician, and for agreeing to go trudging around in the bush with me.
  • Ric Driediger for not scoffing at the idea of using the peacefulness, beauty and solitude of Forest House as inspiration to create music about a special lady - also for providing the support, the manpower and the energy to help us see this thing through.
  • Theresa Driediger for being so kind, so positive, such a great cook, and such a fine person.
  • Greg Zinter for being a simply excellent find as a new friend, for your insightful conversation, your fine culinary skills, and your willingness to travel for 13 hours just to hang out with us.
  • Joanne Zinter for your warm smile, your always cheerful personality, your mastery in the kitchen, and your AWESOME salsas, antipastos and jellies.
  • Velda Hrynewich, my dear wife, for always being there, always supporting even my wildest undertakings, allowing me to stomp around in the wilderness with another woman, and above all, keeping me centered. I love you SO MUCH!
  • Tisha, Will, Seren, Kayla, Brian, Zoe, James and Kyle, my children, their spouses and my grand children for being the best family ever, for loving me, and for helping me recover from that stupid "heart event".