The Death of the High End Lap Top

The decision has been made. I simply cannot see a way to take my 100 pound Alienware tower to Forest House. There is no logical way to do it. Therefore, if the project is to continue, I'm going to have to "bite the bullet" and get myself a machine I can carry. Easier said than done!
I decided to look for a high-end lap top to run my studio, so I went to Avid's Pro Tools (the main recording software I run) website, and searched their Support FAQs for their lap top recommendations. They suggested six models, two each, by three different manufacturers. 
One of the manufacturers suggested was Dell. I have been using and leasing Dell PCs since 1995, but for a lark I decided to check out the other two manufactures first, Asus and HP. Went to their websites, only to discover the models recommended by Avid were no longer manufactured. So, I went to Dell to discover that one of the two suggested models, the Dell Precision M6700; Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3940XM CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.20 GHz; 32 GB RAM was still available. I contacted the Dell rep I had been working with for over a decade. She informed me the model I was interested in was slated to be discontinued within a month.
Why was it becoming so difficult to find high-end lap tops? Demand had greatly diminished since the introduction of tablets. I can see this becoming a real problem in the future. Custom-built product may be the answer, but in an age when the prices of computers are dropping, the cost of recording using PCs may be on the rise.
Anyway, Dell was very nice to me, offering special pricing, an iron-clad warranty, and next day service. The new machine is on its way!