Preparations Still Underway

Have been testing out the Pro Tools and all related plugins extensively on the new lap top. Continuing to identify exactly what equipment we should take and have also started assembling a collection of Pelican cases. Awesome (but expensive) cases! They are tough, air tight, they float, and the insides can be customized to cradle almost anything you want in a layer of foam. The only drawback, is that the largest cases I got weight like 30 pounds before you put anything into them.
Sue has been very busy with the release of her new EP. It's amazing! She's doing Press and radio for it, so we haven't been addressing the Naomi Project all that much. I'm still working on ideas for tracks. Our goal now is to go up to Forest House with six tracks and see what happens.
Ric Driediger from Churchill River Canoe Outfitters and Forest House, emailed me that he had approached Naomi's parents about what we were doing and they are fine with it. I am very pleased about this. The last thing Sue and I wanted to do was go against the wishes of the people who knew and loved Naomi the most.