On Tuesday, June 18, I suffered a mild heart "event" (that's what they call it now). I was lucky - no damage to my heart - had to get a stent. Feeling good, BUT The Naomi Project has been put on the back burner while I try to sort out my future. It's amazing how quickly your life can change!
My cardiologist read the riot act to me. I was supposed to travel to Australia with Velda, and my grand daughter, Zoe for a month. Can't do that - travel insurance is now invalid. I get that. I asked him about going to Forest House. He became visibly upset and proceeded to lay a verbal barrage on me, saying that Forest House was not an option, I would have to cut back on my teaching radically, and basically, my life was over. My wife, Velda, and daughters Tisha and Kayla had come for this "release from the hospital" meeting. As my cardiologist walked out the door, he left us in a state of shock.
I am so fortunate to be surrounded by a strong family. They provide so much support for me! My daughter, Tisha, her husband, Will and grand daughter, Seren arrived two days before my heart attack, my youngest daughter, Kayla, husband Brian, and grand children, Zoe and James as well as my son Kyle all live in Saskatoon. They stepped up and stood behind Velda while I was in the hospital and I know she deeply appreciates that. They have definitely been there for me since I came home. Velda and I have truly been blessed!
Went to see my family doctor this week and discussed what my cardiologist had told me. I feel a little more positive now, as my doctor told me I still need to live my life and to be careful, but to make Forest House a goal. That's now my plan.
I have been walking every day since I was released from the hospital. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I am up to about 1.5 miles/day. With the help of my beautiful daughters and wife, I have radically modified my eating habits. My primary focus is recovering my health, and my secondary focus is to become fit enough that I will be confident going into Forest House and be able to handle the physical challenges.
Sue has been very gracious about my situation. She suggested that she and I work on the project in Saskatoon. To me, it wouldn't be the same. I believe, to be able to capture the essence of Naomi, we need to write and record in a setting Naomi would have loved.