Sept.09/013 - Brotherly Love Pays Off!!!!!

Sue and I returned from Forest House with four songs ready to be tweaked, mixed and mastered, but we still had a number of issues to deal with. The tweaking part was easy - I could do that. As for the mixing, mastering and any further production, I felt much too close to the project to undertake these. I had already spent countless hours recording the music beds, re-arranging some of the songs, and working with Sue as she laid down the vocals. I don't profess to be an accomplished engineer at all, and I think both Sue and I realized we needed another body with a "fresh set of ears" to take this project to the next level.
It would be inaccurate to state that the Naomi Project is a "Low Budget" undertaking. In reality, it is a "No Budget" project. It was all we could do, to get Sue out to Saskatchewan, and transport us and the equipment up to Missinipe. Ric Driediger and the kind people at Churchill River Canoe Outfitters and Forest House helped us with the travel into the lodge and food. There was no money to spend on mixing, mastering, post-production, or anything else.
Sue knows a ton of people in the music industry and as soon as we returned from Forest House, she put out the "feelers" to see if we could find someone willing to commit to the Naomi Project, and donate mixing/mastering services. It seemed like all of Sue's connections were involved in other projects and extremely busy. I sent our rough tracks to my brother, Orest, who lives in Toronto and has spent decades writing music for film and television, as well as composing and performing with his multi-talented wife, Liana. I was interested in his take on our tracks.
Well, thank goodness for family! Orest liked what he heard, and immediately volunteered his services. This was AWESOME! We had a new member on our team! My thanks to my brother for stepping up and being there for me.
I sent Orest the tracks for "This Night" on September 16 - can't wait to hear what he sends back!