October 3/013 - Mixing Starts

Started preparing and sending audio files to my bro,  Orest in Toronto for the mixing process to begin. He's using Logic and I'm using Pro Tools. I've never exported to Logic before - unless I'm doing something incorrectly, it is a very tedious process.
Anyway........ Sue and I are THRILLED!!!!! - the first two mixes are sounding great!
The first mix "This Night" was finished about a week ago. It's a simple, quiet, pensive song, featuring Sue's warm, expressive vocal over a sparse piano accompaniment. Often something that is seemingly "simple" is the most difficult to capture in  the mix - Orest did a spectacular job keeping it gentle, subtle, and pure.
The second mix arrived yesterday. It's called "Ashes to Ashes" - a little edgy, with a dolip of animosity, a sprig of resentment, and a smattering of pure, unadulterated hate. It has a driving bass, a ton of percussion and layer upon layer of vocals. Orest definitely found the "pocket" here. It "moves and grooves" as Sue angrily bids farewell to a very sour relationship. Way to go, bro!!!!!! I only wish we could post the mixes now, as a "teaser", but Sue, the perpetual perfectionist won't hear of it.
Stay tuned!